Orator’s Society

Orator’s Society

Grow Your Oratory Skills the 21st Century Way!

Our platform is designed and developed exclusively for public speaking enthusiasts. Learn with orators from across the globe and help one another build confidence, and communicate more effectively.

Orator’s Society

Our Goals

Public Speaking, by definition, needs an audience. What better audience than your fellow public speaking enthusiasts?
Our goal is to provide a platform for people of all backgrounds to come together to learn, share, and grow in the art of public speaking.


To provide tools and resources for members to educate and enhance themselves to become better orators.


To provide a platform where orators of all skill levels can come together, and help each other grow by sharing their knowledge and feedback.


To provide a large supportive community of people bound by a common passion for public speaking.

Features you'll love

Our dedicated team is constantly striving to improve the product by evolving the current feature set and adding more regularly.

Upload Your Speech To Get Invaluable Feedback

Upload Your Speech To Get Invaluable Feedback

Valuable commendations and recommendations from fellow
orators is the absolute cornerstone of your journey to becoming better orators.

Listen to a Diverse Community of Speakers

As the community grows, you will find tons of speeches posted by fellow orators from across the globe through which you can learn and build your communication skills even further.

Listen to a Diverse Community of Speakers
Evaluate Speeches of All Skill Levels

Evaluate Speeches of All Skill Levels

There is no better way to learn from someone’s speech than by evaluating it. And it’s a win-win as it helps the orator of the speech grow too.

Meet Orators From All Over The World

This is a community of enthusiastic orators from all walks of life who schmooze due to their passion for public speaking.

Meet orators from all over the world

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Share your speeches to get community feedback and do the same for others. You grow while helping others grow.

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Share speech videos, evalutate other speakers and much more. Get the app today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some common questions from our members. If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line.


What are the charges to join the Orator's Society?

None whatsoever. Our goal is to form a community that provides a supportive environment for everyone to grow. We only ask you to be respectful to your fellow members.


Where can I find Orator’s Society?

For now, this is an online community only. The goal is to provide a community a lot bigger and diverse than the one that your club provides.


Do you provide public speaking learning material on the app?

We are actively looking for members who are interested in writing blogs and articles about various aspects of public speaking. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.


Are you affiliated with any other organization in this domain?

No. As of now, we have not partnered with any other organization. But we are open to joining hands with organizations that can contribute to the core mission of our community.

We’d love to talk to you

This is a community effort. Got some feedback for us? Maybe a feature request, or an idea to share? Perhaps you just want to say hello! Reach out to us by WhatsApp, FB Messenger or write us an email!


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